Tenant Relations
Excellent tenant relations are the foundation of stable long-term occupancy, which is at the heart of profitable income property management. To select only those applicants who will make the most desirable occupants, we screen all new tenant applications and interview every qualified applicant in person.

Management Supervision
We closely supervise all resident managers and their preventative maintenance schedules to keep your property looking its best at all times. This policy significantly aids in attracting better tenants for you, which in turn develops more stable occupancy in your property.

Property Maintenance
Benco's fast emergency response - 24 hours / 7 days - further enhances tenant good-will, and also prevents problems and costs from escalating. We use only the most reliable licensed and bonded vendors. We do not own or have any interest in any vendor with whom we do business, so there is never a conflict of interest.

Accounting / Rent Collection / Financial Reporting
Rent receivables are monitored daily for prompt receipt of rents, which are deposited to your property Trust Account. Benco pays all of your property-related expenses, and sends you complete, easy-to-read computerized reports monthly.

Additional Services
- Processing Evictions - Benco's ability to expedite most evictions increases profitability
- Fully experienced in City Inspections, Rent Control Issues and Insurance Claims



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